Slanting Passages is about tabletop gaming, a hobby I've enjoyed since playing things like The Fantasy Trip in my youth. More recent favorites include Archipelago, Blades in the Dark & B/X Essentials.


There are some bad things on this site. Rusty. Unsprung. I put them here to get them out of my workshop. Explorers beware.

Shifting Walls

I like hacking games. You'll see a lot of that sort of thing here.

New Construction

I play games. I get wild ideas and try to make things of my own sometimes. I rarely get around to finishing them. We'll see.

I've cardboard on the shelves going back to my old Avalon Hill days & have hosted a boardgame club since Settlers of Catan and El Grande first became things you could find stateside and when the rules for most of the games we bought were in German. I may make my way around to some boardgaming topics as well.